Does our data show National Coverage?

Out of interest, we created a heatmap of just the last 100 orders fulfilled over last weekend to visually represent where our greeting cards end up in the UK. What I was not prepared for was the answer depicted by red balloons over each address. So looking at the map of the United Kingdom and tracking each of the last 100 orders, our cards really do travel far and wide. And this map in the picture, provided with this article, doesn't even show the orders going to France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. I was completely surprised to think that our cards end up all over the country.

What does this actually tell us as a Greeting Card Publisher? Well I will go for the easy answer here and unequivocally state that our cards are universally (at least here) loved. Alright so that may be jumping to a huge conclusion but what I can say for certain as fact is that our cards designs are 'liked' enough to be purchased from an online platform, without being touched to check its quality, from hundreds of thousands of card choices available. Well then, I will celebrate success in whatever form it takes!

Thank you very much to our customers scattered all over the country and not just centered in the regional big cities, for choosing our stunning cards!

My next article will answer the big question: How many men buy floral cards online? The data has it all and the answer is just as surprising.