Open Market Days to support local business

Well 2020 was a surprise year for all of us! Various stages of lockdown only starting to ease now and its May 2021 as I write this! Well that makes two exclamation marks right up front of this blog so I hope you will forgive me, but gee wiz it's been a year to forget. 

In light of all the covid restrictions we decided to support our local town 'Open Day' - designed to provide shopping in an open air setting (read gazebos and a breeze) and bring about some shopping normalcy from the online shopping we have all had to rely on to varying degrees. 

Actually we've had a few Open Days already and this most recent one was just as much fun as ever. People are so pleased to be out of the house, having a chat with someone they aren't related to (all socially distanced, of course) and able to see physical goods in front of them, instead of a computer screen or tablet. 

Suddenly it has also propelled contactless payment to the fore and we are pleased to have selected the iZettle platform which has worked successfully for us and made our customers payment experience seamless. Having your own small business these days is quite a technology intensive affair, with software used at every stage of our design and fulfilment processes. Its left me wondering how do other business owners manage it all without an IT background? 

What has come out of this covid situation are local communities coming together to showcase our own business ideas and help each other out - all by supporting locally made products and tradespeople. 

Well now, that is something worth celebrating about (not in a restaurant or pub, but at home with Zoom and good friends!)