Sir Tom says it all!

I forgot to post this blog during lockdown. But I am sure you were all just as enthralled as I was to watch Captain Tom walk in his garden to raise funds for the NHS. What makes him a hero is not only his physical effort (at the age of ninety-nine!) and his dedication to the fundraising effort, but him, the person. I wanted to catch every interview and word that he shared as his eloquence, good manners, humility and kind words were what I wanted to have more of for myself. I realised that he was healing to listen to, comforting for the soul and a model example of how we wish all humans would be. I was not surprised to read stories of children who wanted him as their grandfather (note to grandfathers to up their game as well as frankly everyone, including myself). 

So not only did he raise a hugely unbelievable amount of money for the NHS, at a time when the country is facing a modern day health crisis like no other, but he did it as a gentleman. How can anyone be ageist when presented with this stunning human being? Every age group has something unique and special to contribute to society. Respect each other.

Congratulations Sir Tom (well done to the Queen on this) and Happy Birthday. Hope you liked the card we made especially for you. And believe it or not we have actually sold another one, so there is another fantastic 100 year old person receiving one this week.