Romance is so personal, some people love cute and romantic cards with loads of hearts and butterflies, others though prefer the 'less is more' approach on cute imagery. We have heard this feedback and so we decided to do something about it. 

Our popular new range of Anniversary greeting cards, that features hearts in red and pink, as well as butterflies and flamingos, roses and orchids, ramps up the romance heat with a pink ombre background. But for some of our clients it was too much in your face pink and complexity of design. Others loved them! 

So we have created less 'pink' versions of the same cards on a traditional white background. The new designs include the core essence of the card style but keeps the extras (hearts and butterflies) to the minimum. And these are just as popular.

We introduced this sideline range a few weeks and back and so far there is no clear favourite among our clients. We find ourselves packing our daily orders and both kinds are chosen just as often as each other. Just goes to show!

The last thing I have to say on this is that Summer is definitely the time of romance and the declaration of love so we have seen an increase in sales which we will analyse closely when we have all the summer months behind us. Not a happy thought to be saying goodbye to summer in a few months but that is the flow of life as we know it. 

To all our clients celebrating their love for eachother, we hope that we have the perfect card just rigfht for you!